ProGARM 2680 Safety Helmet, Anti-Static, 8cal/cm²

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This 8cal/cm² ProGARM 2680 Safety Helmet (Electrically Insulated and Anti-Static) is constructed using Modified High Impact Polyamide. This helmet helps to protect the head from injuries that are caused by electric shock. The helmet prevents shock current from flowing through the head. It also protects against falling objects, electric arc and molten metal splashes. It is developed as safety personnel equipment for live working with electrical connections.


  • Stroke absorption after conditioning in temperatures of (-30°C) and (+5O°C)
  • Resistance to penetration after conditioning in temperatures of (-30°C) and (+50°C)
  • Protection against molten metal splash (MM)
  • Protection against lateral deformations (LD)
  • Protection against electric shock (class 0) 1000V AC, 1500V DC
  • Wheel Ratchet adjustment
  • Two level height adjustment feature
  • Short peak
  • 4 point webbing harness
  • Accessory Slot for Ear Defenders


SKU : 2680
Colour : White,Red
Sizes : One Size


EN397: 2012 Industrial Safety Helmets
EN50365: 2002 Electrically Insulating Helmets LV
EN166: 2001 (Faceshield)
GT-ET 29: 2010 (Faceshield)
Arc Rating: Class 2 7kA, 8cal/cm²

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ProGARM 2680 Helmet Technical Data Sheet